martedì 26 gennaio 2010

How to use the attraction law for your dating online? (10 things to know)

If you never heard about attraction law it's time to learn something really interesting...

It works, it's powerfull and could be your secret weapon for your online dating!

10 important things to know about it:

Challenge your negative beliefs about dating. Take a piece of paper and write down every limiting belief that you have about dating and the opposite and find an exception to it. These beliefs could be holding you back from letting love in.

Dating often makes us feel miserable because we judge ourselves the whole time. Remind yourself why you are a good catch and speak to yourself in a way that works. Everyone has things to improve on ... but there are so many wonderful things about you.

Look for something good about all your dates. You don't have to marry him. We often judge our date from the first minute. Notice when you do this, take a deep breath and allow yourself to look for something good so you both enjoy your time together even more.

It takes a while to know what is going on with anything in life, so let things evolve. Notice when you do this and be willing to be surprised. Keep busy with your own life and let things happen over time.

Most people consider dating a necessary misery. If expectations create outcomes, why not expect to have fun? Create a dating context that will serve you no matter what happens. For example, 'I will learn something valuable from every person I meet.' Then make it your business to do so.

Date outside your comfort zone and be willing to give different people a chance. Dating requires some adventure. Think 'outside the box' and be willing to try at least 5 new approaches in dating and meet new types of dates.

Everyone you meet is a master in disguise. We are all here to learn. Often people think that dating is a waste of time when they do not meet 'Mr. or Mrs. Right' but you never know why you meet someone. Think of one way that date taught you something that you can take with you.

It is easy to be shy and protective before you know someone but practice revealing yourself on dates. People are their best when discussing something they love, whether it is their job, volunteer work, travel etc. Let yourself be known and the right mate will stick around.

Do not assume you can tell who someone is from their appearance. If you look for what lights someone up, you will leave them feeling great and you will enjoy your time more too.

Walk your talk when it comes to love. So many singles think they can just sit around in their pajamas and the right person will ring their bell and find them. If you want to meet a great companion then you need to go out! Make a choice to go to social functions, classes etc at least twice a week if you really want to meet your life mate.

Online Dating Jerk - The Cheapest Online Dating

I think that this is the Cheapest Official Online Dating Guide!

I'm talking about Online Dating Jerk by Henry L. Vega

It's simple, honest and it works!

Here's some of what you'll get....

  • -How to take a girl from the internet to your house in less then 30 min
  • -How to take an awesome profile picture
  • -How to get girls to respond to you with minimal effort
  • -Spending no more than 6 dollars on a first date
  • -Organized proven system that is repeatable on any girl

Henry guarantee that you'll TRIPLE your results(or more) or he'll give you a FULL refund!

This is amazing... but it's not finish here

It also includes:

  • . The big secret that girls who date online know
  • . How to get into the mind of the girls online
  • . How to Stand out when girls do random searches, to have a better chance of your profile being viewed.
  • . How to organize your time, so you don't waste countless hours online.

Online Dating Jerk by Henry L. Vega

lunedì 25 gennaio 2010

The Date Mentors Program

The Date Mentors Program is an incredible method developed specifically for some problems...

Do you need an example?

If you are experiencing problems in...

  • Meeting Women
  • Attracting Women
  • Approaching Women
  • Getting A Date
  • Keeping A Woman Interested In You

The Date Mentor Program is for YOU!

This System Would Equip Any Man On Earth With The Transcendent Ability To Pickup A Woman Using The Power Of Hypnotic Influence, that's the secret weapon of the program!

• Carlos’ Covert Technique That Helps Guys Who Are Broke And Unattractive. Regardless of what may be holding you back, this will ensure your success.

• How to Gain Confidence Even When You Strike Out. Learn what separates those who strike out and remain lonely from those who strike out and gain even more confidence from doing so.

• Secret Psychological Triggers That Permeate Female Defense Mechanisms.

• How To Speak The Same Language As A Female – Communication is key.

• Expert Rapport Building – The level of rapport that you have is directly related to the level of success you will have.

• How To Create An Instant Connection With A Woman Without Even Saying One Word To Her. This advantage truly is “unseen”.

• How To Weave Commands In Your Sentences. Learn how to consistently move forward with your words.

• The Top Mistakes That Most Men Make And Never Even Realize.

• Carlos' Two Part System On The Most Important Element In Attracting, Connecting And Getting A Phone Number – In this one simple step, Carlos Xuma will show you how to improve your chances of getting the phone number every time.

• The 2 Essential Elements To The Pickup Line.

• The Art Of Teasing And Why Women Love It . If you do it right, they’ll praise you like a king.

• Day Game Mastery - The one method that any guy can use to increase
his ability to meet women ANYWHERE - and not have to waste his time,
energy, and money on loud bars and clubs just to meet women that
aren't his caliber...

• Identifying Key Indicators in Women – Discover where her hot buttons are so you know just the perfect time to make your move.

• What Women Really Expect From Men – Perhaps the most treasured secret of all; having this single piece of information could be all you ever need to attract women.

• The Top 4 Places To Meet Women – Learn where you find women just waiting to be picked up and swept of their feet.

The Date Mentors Program

The program contains several bonuses like "Dating Tips for Guys - POWER PACK"

A compilation of exclusive short video tips, where you will learn:

• How you get in your own way when you

• Your "reality check" on whether or not you're being too "nice" with women - and how you get past it to attract her naturally, and with no effort...

• The losing strategy of the "thin rope," and the way you can attract women and be GENUINE with women....

• How to talk to women - Sun Tzu's strategies for approaching and connecting with women so that you have the strategic superiority with women...

• Where your problems with women come from, and the secret to succeeding with women with a

• The secret to melting a woman's resistance to you by using ONE simple strategy - THE magic key - when you meet women and talk to women...

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Friend Finder Membership Costs

Friend Finder Membership Costs

Friendfinder offers free registration and membership to all of its users, but limits contact (no sending emails or instant messages) and searches (only a certain number of people returned per search).

Some lucky members whose demographic information is favorable to Friendfinder may find themselves with free access to the site, but this is becoming more and more rare.

For a smaller monthly fee, Silver ($20 USD) and Gold ($30 USD) members get their profiles moved to the top of the search lists, as well as access to all of Friend Finder's services. Gold members have the additional features of added storage space, as well as keyword-based searches for members across the entire network.

domenica 24 gennaio 2010

The online game internet attraction system

I've just discovered a really valid and serious dating method, it was developed exclusevely for FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace and since 99.9% of the girls own a FaceBook account seems to be a very good idea!

I think that I could call this the BEST method for dating on FaceBook. If you are looking for something really powerfull in order to improve your dating via Facebook and other social networks The Online Game is the right answer.

What am I talking about?

The author, Derek Lamont, has been a student of some of the most prestigious pickup artists and seductionists in the world. He has been practicing and perfecting the art of attraction for over five years.

Here is a quick summary of the contents:

  • The secret tip that makes attracting women online easier than in real life.
  • The 10 vital mistakes almost all men do that blow their chances when talking to women online.
  • The 5 psychological strategies you can employ in your messages to women that will attract them immediately.
  • Learn the fool-proof way to prevent rejection when approaching women online AND in real life.
  • Learn ALL the techniques to create the most MAGNETIC pictures that STAND OUT from the rest of the guys out there!
  • The step-by-step system for writing ATTRACTIVE and MYSTERIOUS profiles that will keep women wondering and wanting you.
  • Learn how to convey humor and make those beautiful women laugh from just reading your profile or your messages.
  • Know exactly when a woman is testing you - and learn how you can pass those tests and blow her mind! Then learn how to test her...
  • How to make a woman feel special WITHOUT looking "weak." This is one of the only programs that allows you TO BE YOURSELF and attract the women you desire - but only if you follow these guidelines!
  • Learn to use the internet to line up TEN TIMES as many dates than you would the old way...
  • How to use the internet to keep women in OTHER cities swooning for you until you visit.
  • The 7 key techniques for attracting women through INSTANT MESSENGER conversations - get their phone number and meet them quickly!
  • The FATAL ERROR that 99.99% of guys make when e-mailing women online that automatically DESTROYS their chances of getting a reply back.
  • The most effective and powerful methods for attracting those women ON THE PHONE. That's right - once you get their number, learn how to make her all yours.
  • Some killer tips on text messaging hot girls - learn how to turn a few words into a booty call in no time!
  • The best way to make your first-impression on the first meet. Learn to start off with a bang and make her UNCONTROLLABLY attracted to you... and get her in bed!
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sabato 23 gennaio 2010

Unique Features of Friend Finder

Unique Features of Friend Finder

Friend Finder's free chat rooms are usually teeming with people looking to meet up for dating, as opposed to many pay-per-use sites where the chat rooms are normally empty. And yes, that's right: some of FriendFinder's chat rooms are freely accessible by any member, regardless of their status and payment history.

But where FF excels is its searching mechanisms. Every combination imaginable is available: geographic location, gender, sexual orientation, preferences, and what you personally have to offer.

venerdì 22 gennaio 2010

The 1st ANTI-SCAM Guide for Men Seeking a Russian Wife

This is absolutely the 1st and only comprehensive guide for men that are looking a Russian wife (valid for all Eastern Europeans Countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc.)

If you have met a Russian woman on internet or if you are using a Russian marriage agency and you want to ensure she is not marrying you just for passport...

So, reading this book is a MUST!


  • Men who consider the possibility of finding a Russian wife
  • Men who are in correspondence with a Russian woman
  • Men who are using services of a Russian dating agency
  • Men who have been scammed, and want to find out what REALLY happened to them
  • Men who want to be 100% confident their correspondents and relationships are genuine.

What ANTI-SCAM GUIDE can do for you?

  • Explain the inside mechanics of scams
  • List the most and less typical scam situations
  • Show you how to ensure you choose only honest sincere women
  • Show you the way to help your lady contact you with zero expense without sending money to her or her dating agency
  • Give advice on almost any problem situation in a relationship with a Russian woman.
One of the main problem is that you try to use your western experience in your relationship with females of the former Soviet Union, that is not applicable to international dating. It is like driving on the right side of the road in England: you are used to driving this way, and it was always right. At the same time you are driving on the wrong side of the road! There is virtually NO CHANCE of a safe arrival if you continue driving on the wrong side!

What you need is to know the traffic rules.

Elena Petrova made an excellent work with this guide, she puts together her experience and her know how in a very precious guide!

The Complete, No-Nonsense ANTI-SCAM Guide For Men Seeking A Russian Wife by Elena Petrova