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The 1st ANTI-SCAM Guide for Men Seeking a Russian Wife

This is absolutely the 1st and only comprehensive guide for men that are looking a Russian wife (valid for all Eastern Europeans Countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc.)

If you have met a Russian woman on internet or if you are using a Russian marriage agency and you want to ensure she is not marrying you just for passport...

So, reading this book is a MUST!


  • Men who consider the possibility of finding a Russian wife
  • Men who are in correspondence with a Russian woman
  • Men who are using services of a Russian dating agency
  • Men who have been scammed, and want to find out what REALLY happened to them
  • Men who want to be 100% confident their correspondents and relationships are genuine.

What ANTI-SCAM GUIDE can do for you?

  • Explain the inside mechanics of scams
  • List the most and less typical scam situations
  • Show you how to ensure you choose only honest sincere women
  • Show you the way to help your lady contact you with zero expense without sending money to her or her dating agency
  • Give advice on almost any problem situation in a relationship with a Russian woman.
One of the main problem is that you try to use your western experience in your relationship with females of the former Soviet Union, that is not applicable to international dating. It is like driving on the right side of the road in England: you are used to driving this way, and it was always right. At the same time you are driving on the wrong side of the road! There is virtually NO CHANCE of a safe arrival if you continue driving on the wrong side!

What you need is to know the traffic rules.

Elena Petrova made an excellent work with this guide, she puts together her experience and her know how in a very precious guide!

The Complete, No-Nonsense ANTI-SCAM Guide For Men Seeking A Russian Wife by Elena Petrova

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