lunedì 25 gennaio 2010

The Date Mentors Program

The Date Mentors Program is an incredible method developed specifically for some problems...

Do you need an example?

If you are experiencing problems in...

  • Meeting Women
  • Attracting Women
  • Approaching Women
  • Getting A Date
  • Keeping A Woman Interested In You

The Date Mentor Program is for YOU!

This System Would Equip Any Man On Earth With The Transcendent Ability To Pickup A Woman Using The Power Of Hypnotic Influence, that's the secret weapon of the program!

• Carlos’ Covert Technique That Helps Guys Who Are Broke And Unattractive. Regardless of what may be holding you back, this will ensure your success.

• How to Gain Confidence Even When You Strike Out. Learn what separates those who strike out and remain lonely from those who strike out and gain even more confidence from doing so.

• Secret Psychological Triggers That Permeate Female Defense Mechanisms.

• How To Speak The Same Language As A Female – Communication is key.

• Expert Rapport Building – The level of rapport that you have is directly related to the level of success you will have.

• How To Create An Instant Connection With A Woman Without Even Saying One Word To Her. This advantage truly is “unseen”.

• How To Weave Commands In Your Sentences. Learn how to consistently move forward with your words.

• The Top Mistakes That Most Men Make And Never Even Realize.

• Carlos' Two Part System On The Most Important Element In Attracting, Connecting And Getting A Phone Number – In this one simple step, Carlos Xuma will show you how to improve your chances of getting the phone number every time.

• The 2 Essential Elements To The Pickup Line.

• The Art Of Teasing And Why Women Love It . If you do it right, they’ll praise you like a king.

• Day Game Mastery - The one method that any guy can use to increase
his ability to meet women ANYWHERE - and not have to waste his time,
energy, and money on loud bars and clubs just to meet women that
aren't his caliber...

• Identifying Key Indicators in Women – Discover where her hot buttons are so you know just the perfect time to make your move.

• What Women Really Expect From Men – Perhaps the most treasured secret of all; having this single piece of information could be all you ever need to attract women.

• The Top 4 Places To Meet Women – Learn where you find women just waiting to be picked up and swept of their feet.

The Date Mentors Program

The program contains several bonuses like "Dating Tips for Guys - POWER PACK"

A compilation of exclusive short video tips, where you will learn:

• How you get in your own way when you

• Your "reality check" on whether or not you're being too "nice" with women - and how you get past it to attract her naturally, and with no effort...

• The losing strategy of the "thin rope," and the way you can attract women and be GENUINE with women....

• How to talk to women - Sun Tzu's strategies for approaching and connecting with women so that you have the strategic superiority with women...

• Where your problems with women come from, and the secret to succeeding with women with a

• The secret to melting a woman's resistance to you by using ONE simple strategy - THE magic key - when you meet women and talk to women...

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